Micro cement is currently one of the foremost trending decorative styles globally. Elegant and versatile, modern and tactile, the perfect solution to give any environment the perfect look.


One of the most important design features of micro cement is that it offers interior and exterior surfaces, be they walls, floors, ceilings, or furniture, a seamless application. 


We can apply micro cement in a number of styles from ultra smooth, where the variegation and troweling effect can be subtle or bold or anywhere in between, to highly textured. Colours can be from our standard range or custom made in any colour to popular colour matching systems, RAL and NCS for example, or a sample supplied by the client. 

Residential / Commercial

Micro cement works perfectly in both residential and commercial settings. It is tough enough for floors in high traffic, commercial environments so tough enough for the home too including surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, walls, floors, showers and worktops. When designers want the concrete look micro cement works. When designers require a quick turn-around or have limited depth available, micro cement is the answer.

Suitable substrates

Micro cement can be applied over virtually all the existing surfaces on, in or around a building. On refurbishment projects, with micro cement being applied at just 2- 3mm thick, it is often not necessary to adjust doors, thresholds, etc. Simply apply over the existing substrate. This includes tiles. On new-build projects, micro cement can be applied to all modern construction materials. These include sand and cement screed, anhydrite screed, dry lining, plaster, wood boards including MDF and plywood, cement board, all types of levelling screed both cementitious and latex.

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