Design: Micro cement is currently one of the foremost trending decorative styles globally. It offers texture and variegation in shade and colour to interior and exterior walls and floors which paint can only dream of matching. Worktops, furniture, shop counters and reception desks are increasingly given the design umph of micro cement.

Seamless: One of the most important design features of micro cement is that it offers the interior and exterior space - walls, floors, ceilings - a seamless application. 

Concrete: A popular aesthetics requested is that of polished concrete. We have a developed an application technique which recreates a finish just like polished concrete. Of course polished concrete comes in many different styles. Along with our standard designs, we can tailor the colours and variegation, patches, swirls and other marks, to match any polished concrete you have seen or can imagine.


Real concrete: We also offer a specialist polished concrete service through our associate company, please call for details. Where it is impossible to lay real polished concrete - staircases, steps, up-stands and walls - we can match, using micro cement, the design of the real concrete laid on adjacent floors.

Gallery: You can see examples of all these style and design categories and many more in the gallery which exhibits many of our completed projects.

Maintenance: This material is very easy to maintain. We use only the highest quality sealers which are extremely stain resistant. It is the sealer that takes the wear, especially on floors, so it is vital that this is of the highest quality. Of course, any floor will get dirty. Cleaning is simple with water and and a neutral soap (an ideal product can be purchased from us). After the sealers are applied and cured it is suggested that a polish be applied, though this is not at all required. This is known as a sacrificial coat and is normally applied again periodically. We can apply this coat as part of our service when the micro cement is first applied. We also offer the polishes to purchase - available in satin, gloss and high gloss.

Suitable substrates: Micro cement can be applied over virtually all the existing surfaces on, in or around a building. At around 2mm thick, depending on the aesthetic, it is often not necessary to adjust doors, thresholds, etc. Simply apply over the existing substrate. On new-build projects, micro cement can be applied to all modern construction materials. These include sand and cement screed, anhydrite screed, dry lining, plaster, wood boards including MDF and plywood, cement board, all types of levelling screed both cementitious and latex. On refurbishment projects, tiles too present a suitable substrate, with the correct preparation of course.

Panels: A fast growing sector of our business is the application of micro cement to various types of panel, manufactured in our facility in Brighton, East Sussex, for installation directly on site. This allows for super quick installation - especially important for retail units. The panels can be Aluboard (3mm plus the micro cement - extremely tough for floors), plywood (5.5mm - 25mm plus the micro cement, good for any purpose) and polystyrene (usually 30mm plus the micro cement - walls only). See PANELS on the top menu for more info.

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